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QCVA Intrasquad IV

Setting the Stage

In previous years, QCVA Intrasquad had been run as an open meet where club athletes competed for themselves. This year, the fourth running of the meet, we were finally able to split the club in half to compete. Our two top returning boys have the same personal best so they were the easy choice for team captains. November 24th the two jumped head to head to determine who would get the first draft pick. The senior, Jason Deem, came out on top, earning the first pick. December 4th, teams were drafted and the the rivalry had begun. Team Red Sloth, led by Deem, was ready to take on Team Black Koala, led by Junior Grant Harrison.

The Team Breakdown

Team Red Sloth: (Projected 109'11")

Jason Deem (c)

Henry Hoblitzell

Cole Dangel

Grayson Dowell

Maddie Miller

Bri Miller

Emma Naylor

Emily Deem

Heather Albrinck

Eddie Schultz

Team Black Koala: (Projected 105'10")

Grant Harrison (c)

Micha Luck

Luke Schnieber

Claire Iaciofano

Shannon Main

Sarah Albrinck

Matthew Bertram

Layla Dangel

Anna Curtsinger

Abby Hunt

The Competition

On paper, the Red Team was protected to win by 4'1", but projections are never as fun as live results. Yesterday competition saw 6 new PRs, a new club record, and plenty of big season opening bars. The Girls competition was won by Claire Iaciofano of the Black Koalas with her jump of 11'4". Her jump was an improvement on her 11' clearance at our Halloween meet, and 2" off her lifetime best of 11'6". On boys side the competition finished in a jump off between two Red Sloth members, Henry Hoblitzell and Jason Deem, who were both perfectly tied after their clearances at 15'4". Neither could find their way over 15'10", so the bar was lowered to 15'7" where Deem cleared on his first try to win. Red Team had a member sit out of the competition and Black Team had a member no height so both teams had 9 competitors. In the end, the Red Sloths claimed the win with a total height of 99'9" over the Black Koalas who finished with 93'.

Reaching New Heights

6 club members managed to jump new PRs. Cole Dangel added an inch to his personal best. Eddie Schultz and Heather Albrinck both improved by 4". Emma Naylor nearly had a foot increase going from 8'6" to 9'4". The largest PR jump comes from Matthew Bertram who set a club record 5 prs in one competition improving by 2'4".

Freshman Phenom

The final club member to hop on the PR train also managed to break a club record. Freshman Luke Schnieber waisted no time claiming the QCVA Freshman record from his team captain, Grant Harrison. Schnieber, who also broke the QCVA 8th Grade record last year with his jump of 12', bested Harrison's Freshman mark of 13' by 4". With this start to the season, it's easy to believe that he could be the first freshman in the club to jump 14'.

Final Results:


Jason Deem [R]- 15'7" (j)

Henry Hoblitzell [R] - 15'4" (j)

Grant Harrison [B] - 14'10"

*Cole Dangel [R] - 13'10"

*Luke Schnieber [B] - 13'4"

Grayson Dowell [R] - 12'4"

*Matthew Bertram [B] - 10'10"

*Eddie Schultz [R] - 8'4"

Micah Luck [B] - NH


Claire Iaciofano [B] - 11'4"

Mia [Unattached] - 10'10"

Shannon Main [B] - 10'4"

Maddie Miller [R] - 9'10"

Sarah Albrinck [B] - 9'4"

*Emma Naylor [R] - 9'4"

Abbie Hunt [B] - 8'4"

*Heather Albrinck [R] - 7'10"

Anna Curtsinger [B] - 7'4"

Emily Deem [R] - 7'4"

Layla Dangel [B]- 7'4"

Bri Miller - DNS

* marks new personal best

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