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Halloween Bash 2023 Recap

Spooky szn is in full swing and nothing was more spooky than how well our first meet went. We had people picking right back up from where they left off, familiar faces returning, as well as first timers.

Like They Never Left

Very few athletes want to shut down when they feel like they are in the groove at the end of the season, but there is no doubt that taking time off and then returning to the basics has its importance. Aside from letting the body heal, it is a reason to focus on drills and approaches that we haven't touched since last reset. That revisit tends to show to yield a wealth of improvement as we add all we learned the previous year to drills and approaches we haven't done in a year. Friday night was a prime example of that.

Of the 14 competitors, 11 of them were jumping at their PR (either from a specific approach or overall) or jumping at a new PR. West Clermont Senior, Brady Glass, even managed to triple PR, finishing the day with 10'6". Brady has been working hard this fall and the results are starting to show. 8th grader, Emily Deem, also claimed a new PR with her breakout jump of 7'6".

Our girls winner, Turpin Sophomore Claire Iaciofano, cleared 11' and then found herself taking shots at her personal best, but from a shorter approach. The sophomore broke the club Freshman record last year with her jump of 11'6", and almost cleared it from short to start off the season. There is no doubt that she will have eyes on the club Sophomore record (11'8"), set by Addi Hamilton back in 2022.

Our boys winner and sister of Emily Deem, Loveland Senior Jason Deem, continued his hot start to fall. The top returning senior in Ohio has been on a tear through the clubs record books this fall, claiming 3 records already (3 Left, 1 Left, Straight Pole). His commitment to dialing in his jump from a short approach, though initially heavily resisted, has allowed him to clean up parts of his jump that had been holding him back. Jason found himself in familiar territory Friday night, clearing 15' again. He had 2 good looks at a new club 5 Left record before shutting it down.

CHCA Junior, Curtis Rempe, finished a very strong sophomore year with 14' from 7 lefts. Friday night, he not only cleared that same bar, but he did it with 4 less steps (5 Lefts). Two big indicators of a big season on the horizon are clearing big bars early in the season and doing it from a shorter approach. The 2023 D2 outdoor state qualifier looks to add what he's figured out from short to his full approach come winner season.

Kings Freshman, Shannon Main, FINALLY gave us some great jumps. Jokes aside, the Freshman had a strong 8th grade year last year topping off at 10'8" and podium finishes at both state meets as well as Adidas Indoor Nationals. Her work this fall on improving her swing speed paid off as she found her way back over 10' and almost had the next bar at 10'6". She will continue her pursuit for Claire Iaciofano's freshman record (11'6") as the indoor season picks up in December.

Like He Never Left

It was known early on that Club Alum and Miami University Freshman, Henry Hoblitzell, was going to be in the house. The 2023 club leader made his return to the club and brought some new teammates with him. It didn't take much to convince both him and his teammate, Quinn Kroneker, to join in the fun from short. The boys had had a heavy workout earlier that day but that didn't stop them from booming some bars. The duo cleared 13'6" and 12'6" from 3 lefts. It's always great to have our College kids swing back and catch up. Looking forward to a big season from the Miami crew this year!

They Shouldn't Have Left (The Museum!)

Arguably stealing the show was, good friend of the club, Coach KC who came fully decked out in an Indiana Jones costume. I'm not positive if there is a world record for highest bar cleared with a side satchel, but if there is KC has a pretty good shot at it. KC cleared 11'6" before calling it a night. When they start casting for Indy 6 and they need a stunt double to escape a boulder by pole vaulting out of a cave, KC has my vote!

Full Results


Jason Deem - 15'

Curtis Rempe - 14'

Henry Hoblitzell - 13'6" (3 Left)

Quinn Kroneker - 12'6" (3 Left)

KC Halik - 11'6" (3 Left)

Brady Glass - 10'6" **PR**

Ben Dangel - 9'6"(1 Left)

Eddie Schultz - 7'6"


Claire Iaciofano - 11'

Shannon Main - 10'

Chelsea Boggs - 9'

Iris Carman - 8'

Emily Deem - 7'6" **PR**

Brooke Gabriel - 6'6"

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