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St. Francis Scholarship

The St. Francis Scholarship is a program designed to give access to equipment and coaching to athletes who might not be able to afford it on their own. The mission of this scholarship is to allow athletes to grow in body, mind, and spirit to set them up for future success. The sport of pole vaulting is more than just a physical event. Students of the sport know that it requires mental fortitude as well as the ability to be present in the moment. QCVA has been fortunate enough to help athletes grow in the sport over the past five years and we are excited to now be in a position to give back. Starting In January 2024, we will be offering two full scholarships as well as two partial scholarships. Individuals who receive the full scholarship will be given one season (~three months) of expense paid access to QCVA. They will also receive paid entry to the home meets that we host as well as waived coaching fees for any travel meets. Individuals who receive a partial scholarship will receive similar advantages for the same timeframe but at half the cost. Normal practices will be reduced to $15 dollars, plus home meets and coaching fees for travel meets will be covered. To be eligible to receive the scholarship, an individual must be nominated through the online nomination page. Nominations can be submitted on behalf of an athlete or by the athlete themselves (or guardian). Once nominated, the individual will be interviewed and have the opportunity to formally ask for the assistance. Once officially selected, the individual's scholarship begins immediately and will end at the completion of the season. 

Anyone who is in a situation where attending practices on a regular basis might prove to be difficult is eligible for the St. Francis Scholarship. This can range from families who cannot afford the cost of training, to individuals who’s parents might not see the benefits of their participation in the sport. The range of “hardship” is open to interpretation.

We understand that individuals might be afraid to ask for assistance, that is why we have opened the nomination process to allow others to nominate. In this situation, we ask people nominating others to also add your contact information so that we can reach out to you and gather more information about the nominated individual. 

The St. Francis Scholarship was originally proposed by an anonymous supporter of QCVA. They were generous enough to also fund a full scholarship and we are extremely thankful for their contribution and dedication to the advancement of the sport of track and field.

Don't hesitate to reach out to Coach Dangel with any questions. 

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