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Kristen (Coach K) was good once... Then Failed. She's since reclaimed her love for the sport. And is trying. Be nice to her. She also has a sloth.

All Jokes aside, Coach K has been a tremendous asset to QCVA bringing her knowledge and experience to the table. Through her guidance, athletes such as Samantha Ringhand have reached multiple PR's and state appearances.


Favorite Color: Black

Favorite quote: "I'm not your athlete"

Favorite Animal: Stuffed Sloth. Obviously. She owns one.

Favorite Coffee: Starbucks Dark Roast Sumatra.

Favorite Sport: Pole Vault. but Teqball is a close second.

Favorite athlete she has coached: [Insert your name here]

Favorite Pole Vault Club: QCVA. She didn't have a choice...



Slow Runs.

Falling Crossbars.

Poor Running Mechanics.

Cold. or any weather under 82 degrees.

Colors other than black and white.

Slow Runs.

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