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And Your Future With Us

Queen City Vault Academy is a club focused on improving the youth of the tristate area in the field of pole vault and further educating the area about the sport. The founder, Josh Dangel, has been involved in the sport for over 13 years and having grown up in the local Cincinnati area, knew there was a need for more. Pole Vault is a rapidly growing sport across the country with events happening everywhere from local streets to beaches. Many local Cincinnati high school vaulters fail to become exposed to the ever growing community. Our goal is to help change that and help them grow in the sport. We aim to coach the youth as well as give them access to the events in the surrounding areas. Summer season is an exciting time for the sport of Track and many high school vaulters miss out on the opportunities that are available to them simply because they don’t have someone to point them in the right direction. Summer season is also important for the growth of a high school athlete, as many high school vaulters don’t receive any further instruction after their spring season concludes. The issue with this is that these vaulters are missing out on training during a season with sunny and warm weather, the ideal conditions for pole vaulting. We aim to change things for the young vaulters in Cincinnati for the better. We believe that we can help the sport of Pole Vaulting grow further, and make Cincinnati a highly recruited city for College Track programs by giving the youth access to the training they need to reach the next level.

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