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Winter Series 4 Recap

Better Late Than Never

Apologies for the late posting of this weeks results, I don’t really have an excuse for not having this out sooner. Without further ado, the recap from this past Sunday! Overall, this was on of the smaller meets we have hosted this year, with 10 vaulters and one thrower. Highlighting the boys side was CHCA Junior, Curtis Rempe, who ran back his PR performance from last meet. Jumping 14’2” for the second meet in a row is a good show of consistency and should help him as we get closer to championship season. Brady Glass and Eddie Schultz also had great showings as they both jumped new personal bests, Eddie with 8’8” and Brady with a double PR of 11’8”. Brady’s two additional PR jumps put him at 7 PR’s for the season.

On the girls side, continuing her strong sophomore campaign, Little Claire Iaciofano Jumped over 11’6” for her 3rd meet in a row with her jump of 11’8”. With Lauren Kent in the crowd, Claire took 3 attempts at breaking Lauren’s Club Record of 12’1”. While Claire wasn’t able to break it this week, It looks likely that it will be broken in the coming weeks. Other strong performances on the girls side came from the pair of freshmen we had competing. Jesslyn Roberts matched her personal best of 9’2” and Rachel Johannesmeyer cleared her first bars as a high schooler topping out at 7’8”.

Full Results:

Boys Pole Vault

1 Curtis Rempe 14-02.00

2 Ethan Sunderland 13-08.00

3 Brady Glass 11-08.00

4 Zachary Callahan 11-02.00

Girls Pole Vault

1 Claire Iaciofano 11-08.00

2 Jesslyn Roberts 9-02.00

MS Boys Pole Vault

1 Eddie Schultz 8-08.00

MS Girls Pole Vault

NH Emily Deem NH

Co-Ed Pole Vault

1 KC Halick 14-02.00

Girls Shot Put

1 Makayla Davenport 32-10.50

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