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Adidas Nationals and Spring Pole Rentals

Spring Season Rentals

Since the club has grown in size by so much this year, I decided to structure the way that renting poles for the spring season. Poles for the spring season can be reserved in advance on a first come first serve basis, based on seniority. Members of the club who have been members for 2+ years (2022) AND have paid their annual membership will be able to reserve poles by placing their name on the sheet on my desk next to the desired poles they wish to rent. After this week, it will open up to other members based on their grade. Seniors will be able to reserve poles Monday and Tuesday (19th and 20th), then it will open up to Juniors Wednesday and Thursday (21st and 22nd), then it will open up to Sophomores Friday and Saturday (23rd and 24th), then Freshmen Monday and Tuesday (26th and 27th) and then all remaining club members beginning Wednesday the 28th. From there on, it will be open to anyone looking to rent poles (outside individuals and schools). I decided to go with this structure to allow our club members the ability to reserve the poles they need before others outside the club begin renting. Reserve poles can be picked up beginning March 18th.

Below are the rates for seasonal rentals

9' 1" - $110

10' 1" - $120

11' 1" - $130

12' 1" - $155

12' 7" - $160

13' 1" - $165

13' 7" - $170

14' 1" - $175

14' 6" - $180

15' 1" - $190

15' 7" - $200

16' 1" - $215

Poles can be exchanged for different poles for $25 plus any difference in length cost.

Unlimited exchanges within length can be added to a specific pole for an additional $50.

If there are any questions about this process, feel free to reach out to me directly.

Adidas Indoor Nationals

This year, we will be returning to Virginia Beach for Adidas Indoor Nationals. This meet will take place March 15th through 17th. Qualifying height for boys is 13'6" and girls is 11'. You can also earn a spot by qualifying for the Ohio indoor state meet. The fee for pole transportation will be $30. We are shaping up to have a large group this year and I'm very excited to see the kids compete on this stage. There is a forum for the event for everyone to discuss logistics if they wish to travel as a group, just click here.

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